Career options for pharmacy students

Career options for pharmacy students

Today there are many career options available for pharmacy students. Many Pharmacy students Have completed their B Pharm, D Pharm degree. There are a lot of opportunities for pharmacy students in medical shops, medical research, medicine production, medicine sales, medicine marketing, IT companies and many other fields.

Let’s learn about some interesting opportunities in the field of pharmacy. Quality Control, Minimum Quality Assurance. This department is responsible for maintaining the overall quality of products. Quality control is the development and refinement process. Performing medical analysis and documentation, review Performance, transfer method authentication, Calibration and certification of instrument, equipment calibration, Record maintenance are different works done by Pharmacy students.

Career options for pharmacy students
Career options for pharmacy students

1) Regulatory department opportunities for Pharmacy student –

This department is working to check the various licenses of medicines at the national or state level in the pharmaceutical companies.

2) Regulatory Affairs and Operations opportunities for pharmacy students –

All companies need to submit a report to the Department of medicine Control. Details of the medicines from research,clinical data reports, Effect of tests are checked as per the guidelines in this department.

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3) Clinical research opportunities for pharmacy students –

Clinica Research involves analysis of benefits and adverse effects of medicines, study on new medicines, BA BE studies, Clinical Trial Management, Administration, Business Development, Medical Writing, Management to evaluate its risks and benefits before entering the medicine, Data management, Biostatistics.

There are various job posts like Clinical Research associate, Clinical Research invigilator, Study coordinator, Biostatistician, Data manager, clinical trials Auditor, Clinical Research manager, Business Development Manager, medicine safety associate, medical writer, clinical data manager for pharmacy students after degree in pharmacy.

4) Pharmacist opportunities for pharmacy students –

Opportunities for Pharmacists available in different places and hospitals as a community pharmacist. Community pharmacies are usually in direct contact with the patients and Give right medicines to patients and define doses for the patient. There are opportunities for specialists in pharmacy, Nuclear pharmacy, satellite pharmacy, pharmacy wings, dispensing wings.

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5) Government job opportunities for pharmacy students –

The posts in the Government Department of Pharmacy are DC of India, DC of State ,Controller Assistant, Medicine Inspector, Medicine Controller, Medical Analyst. Students can get opportunities as a researcher in various research institutes.

6) Teaching field opportunities for pharmacy students –

There are opportunities for Professor, assistant professor, associate professor, Researcher, research assistant, Teaching assistant for pharmacy students. B pharma teacher’s salary is average 1 lakh per month.

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7) Information Technology IT opportunities for pharmacy students –

Data science is a challenging and great option for students in the field of pharmacy. It involves scientifically analyzing and segmenting information using artificial intelligence based on previous medicine readings and test data. Preventive Diagnosis, Medical imaging, Medicine research and development are opportunities available in this field pharmacy students.

8) Pharmacovigilance opportunities for pharmacy students –

Immediate or intermittent side effects after taking the medicine, Health analysis, Prevention Measures these are parts of Pharmacovigilance. Pharmacovigilance work is done with the help of software. This department is seen as a major area of employment.

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9) Medical writing opportunities for pharmacy students –

Medical Writer coordinates with all departments of clinical research,Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Data Management, to document relevant scientific information about Medicines.

Companies offering jobs to pharmacy students –

1)Serum institute of India

Serum is one of the best companies in India in the Pharma sector. Serum produces Covishield and Covaxin. This company has a manufacturing plant in Pune.

2) PharmaACE Analytics
3) Syneos Health
4) Pfizer
5) Cipla
6) Dr Reddy’s Laboratories


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